Author Bio

Hello, I’m a married Mom of three beautiful grown children and five+ furbabies. I was an MSU 4-H Administrative Assistant for many years but am now in self-imposed retirement. I love whitetail gun deer hunting with my family, rustic camping, trees, peonies, lilacs, hollyhocks, spending time around our backyard firepit watching the stars, and just about anything to do with nature and the wilderness.

Hubby and I hope to travel around the country and visit some of our nation’s national parks when he retires. I also enjoy reading, of course, amateur photography, Adam Lambert, MSU Spartan football, the Detroit Lions, Italy and most of all, the color purple!

I’ve been playing The Sims since the beginning. When I first began playing, building was what drew me to the game, and it still does. When the TS2 was released, I was ecstatic! It is my absolute favorite iteration and for a few years I owned a forum dedicated to it that morphed into a writing site (mostly roleplay). That’s where my interest in writing began.

I’ve never played TS3, it just never appealed to me. I love building/decorating in TS4 and have entered a few build contests on the official forums. I’ve played numerous challenges and tried modeling too, but have never written any stories for it until now.

I hope that you enjoy what I write and feel free to comment including giving any constructive criticism you may have, I promise it won’t make me angry, I crave it as I imagine all writers do.

I’m a complete noob when it comes to WordPress, this is my first account, so I’ll be stumbling and fumbling around as I set everything up. Please excuse my mess, as they say!

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Simming! 🙂